Adjavis Venture Limited was established in 2013 by Mr. Devendra N Patel with a vision of creating unique never-before personal care products that fit in effortlessly with the customer’s needs and lifestyle.

AVL’s journey began with the successful launch of LAYER’R Wottagirl, India’s very first body splash brand for women followed by LAYER’R SHOT, body spray brand for men. SHOT and Wottagirl ranges are available in transparent see through bottles. LAYER’R offers a range of world-class, long-lasting fragrances especially crafted for the Indian customer.

Over the years LAYER’R SHOT has become one of the top selling fragrance brands for men, while LAYER’R Wottagirl has become quite the fashion essential among Urban and semi-urban customers.


LAYER’R SHOT has a range of diverse and strong body sprays for men, that complement the masculine energy and bring in a storm of freshness.

Easy to carry and long-lasting, each product is meant for different personalities. The products are a blend of musky, breezy, citrusy and refreshing fragrances.

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